A Midsummer Night's Dream

Written by William Shakespeare
Adaped & Directed by Chris Mangels
October 11 - 19, 2013


The year is 1967 and the quiet college town of Athens-by-the-Bay is about to experience a Midsummer of Love! To escape the conservative establishment that forbids their union, two star-crossed lovers flee into a nearby forest, pursued by a rejected suitor who is, himself, pursued by a rejected lover. As darkness falls, the lovers are joined by a hopelessly inept troupe of amateur actors and a band of spaced-out fairies that have clearly turned on, tuned in, and dropped out. Can this motley assortment of characters survive an evening filled with mistaken identities, misplaced passions, and mismatched pairings?

Shakespeare's most beloved romantic comedy gets a psychedelic face-lift in this magical mystery tour-de-force production! Don't miss it!!!


(in order of appearance)

Theseus, a war-hero returned home to marry:
Andrew Stedman

Hippolyta, Theseus' bride-to-be:
Andrea Samaniego

Philostrate, a famous designer in charge of Theseus' wedding:
Donna Johnston

Egeus, a wealthy socialite and mother to Hermia:
Debra Hansen

Hermia, a free-spirited young woman in love with Lysander:
Schyler Mayo

Lysander, a passionate young poet in love with Hermia:
Ricky Reyes

Demetrius, a wealthy young man infatuated with Hermia:
David Payne

Helena, Hermia's best friend, in love with Demetrius:
Heather Hightower

Petra Quince, Professor of Theatre at the University of Athens:
Carissa Troendle

Nick Bottom, Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Athens:
Colin Helpio

Francis Flute, Professor of Physical Education at the University of Athens:
Brandon Grimsley

Tom Snout, Professor of Construction Technology at the University of Athens:
Kyler Williams

Robin Starveling, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Athens:
Mark Davidson Sarsozo

Snug, Professor of Language Arts at the University of Athens:
Daniel Chavez

Oberon , Former Professor of Chemistry at the University of Athens, now a proponent of experimentation:
Justin Ringhofer

Titania, Oberon's former student, now his consort:
Ariel Barrios

Robin Goodfellow, Oberon's protégée, also known as Puck:
Anand Purewal

Fairies in service to Titania
Mote - Cheyenne Breshears
Peaseblossom - Sage Valdez
Cobweb - Greyson Shoop
Mustardseed - Debra Newman
Dogwood - Justin Harmon
Rosebud - Michelle Stevens
Ragweed - Gage Nelson

Ravi, an Indian prince beloved of Titania:
Christopher Dorado

Justin Harmon, Gage Nelson


Director – Chris Mangels
Assistant Director – Diana Carson

Scenic Design – Chris Mangels
Master Carpenters – Nick Terry, Steve LaMar, and Chris Mangels
Scenic Construction / Artistry – The Cast, Chris Gutierrez, Amy Messerley, Vanessa Rosales, and the students of Drama 13/14

Costume / Make-Up Design – James McDonnell
Costume Construction – James McDonnell and Anand Purewal
Mask Design and Construction – Carissa Troendle
Wardrobe Crew – Felicity Brophy and the students of Drama/Fashion 12
Make-up Crew – Felicity Brophy and the students of Drama/Fashion 17

Lighting Design - Steve LaMar
Electricians - The students of Drama 15/16
Light Board Engineer – Kevin Agnew

Sound Design – Nick Terry
Sound Board Engineer – Karen Fulbright-Hightower

Technical Director – Steve LaMar
Assistant Technical Director – Nick Terry
Stage Manager – Brayden Epps
Stage Crew Chief – Anthony Miller
Stage Crew – Nicole Hawley, Erika Villareal

Public Information Coordinator - Kevin McCusker
Graphic Design - David Cargill

The families of our sensational cast and crew
Our generous sponsors
Jolene Ringhofer and Barbara Smith
Lori Jones
Terry Gray
Jack Patino
David Cargill and Kevin McCusker
Stacey Garster and Stuart Munoz
Jim Anderson
Karen Kirkpatrick, for rockin' in the free world
as always, Diane Fidalgo and Sage Valdez